(VIDEO) Kathy Griffin Decapitates Trump, ISIS-Style, With Fresh-Bloodied Fake Head In New Video

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently postured for a photo shoot holding a bloody mask-head made in the likeness of President Donald Trump, and the video footage is somewhat shocking– as it was meant to be.According to TMZ, Griffin joked with professional photographer Tyler Shields that the 2 of them would need to relocate to Mexico in fear of jail time once the images were released.< p design="padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 15px;"> This is how people are making huge money off of Trump’s stock exchange. “Kathy and I are friends and we worked together in the past, so when we began doing…

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VIDEO: Baby killed in car that was knocked off North-South Highway, child seat not properly secured

An awful accident happened on the North-South Highway the other day that claimed a young life. Bernama reports that a three-month old child kid died after the cars and truck that he remained in was knocked-off the roadway by a roaming car at KM433.8 northbound near Kuala Kubu Baru.The infant, named Aril Rizqin Redza Shahril, was verified dead at the Sungai Buloh Healthcare facility. The cars and truck was driven by his daddy Shahril Salleh. The victim’s father, mother and 2 brothers– aged 4 and 11– continual small injuries.The footage above is from the dashcam of Kugan Kathegesen, who…

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(VIDEO) BEST MATTIS QUOTE EVER? “What Keeps You Up At Night?” Mattis’ Answer: “Nothing. I Keep Other People Awake At Night.”

Secretary of Defense James Mattis was on CBS ‘morning talk show”Face The Country “Sunday morning to speak about the fight against ISIS. When host John Dickerson asked Mattis,”Exactly what keeps you awake at night?” Mattis responded calmly with a stone cold face: “Nothing. I keep other individuals awake during the night.” This is how individuals are making huge cash off of Trump’s stock market.Here is the video and listed below is the full interview.This quote just adds to Mattis ‘long list of popular quotes. Below are just a couple of:” I come in peace. I didn’t bring weapons ….

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