CNN Just Released Footage Of Trump Demanding A Loyalty Pledge

In the middle of guarantees from Donald Trump that he would never “ask a guy to promise loyalty” to him, CNN has actually discovered video footage of the President doing simply that.On the heels of the Florida primary election, Trump advised the entire crowd to raise their hands and “do a promise, a swearing.” WATCH: Donald Trump require a loyalty promise … Trump’s assertion that he would never request for a promise of commitment came throughout a news conference together with the Romanian President in the Rose Garden at the White Home on Friday. The President contacted ABC’s Jon…

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(VIDEO) Kathy Griffin Decapitates Trump, ISIS-Style, With Fresh-Bloodied Fake Head In New Video

Comedian Kathy Griffin recently postured for a photo shoot holding a bloody mask-head made in the likeness of President Donald Trump, and the video footage is somewhat shocking– as it was meant to be.According to TMZ, Griffin joked with professional photographer Tyler Shields that the 2 of them would need to relocate to Mexico in fear of jail time once the images were released.< p design="padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 15px;"> This is how people are making huge money off of Trump’s stock exchange. “Kathy and I are friends and we worked together in the past, so when we began doing…

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