Mitch McConnell Beat Polio As A Child Thanks To Government Healthcare

The only things constant about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is his shocking hypocrisy and his stunning cruelty. Nothing has highlighted this more than the battle to repeal President Obama’s landmark health care act.Mitch McConnell has been non-stop working to roll back Medicaid and deny countless Americans of government-sponsored healthcare coverage for eight years now.But if it weren’t for the government, McConnell wouldn’t be able to walk at all.But luckily for him, his mother took him 50 miles to the Warm Springs, where President Roosevelt won his own fight with polio and established a polio treatment center that…

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‘Let’s Cancel Gay Pride’: Lady Bunny Calls Out The LGBT Community Over Political Correctness, Infighting

Girl Bunny, among the most popular drag queens in the world, has chimed in, and in a big way, on political correctness in the LGBT community.In the after-effects of the debate triggered by Philadelphia’s decision to include brown and black stripes to the Pride flag, Girl Bunny is calling out the LGBT neighborhood for turning on itself. In a Facebook post now liked over 2,500 times, shared close to 1,000 times and having triggered over 200 comments just as of yesterday, the drag icon put her own controversial thoughts out there.” Let’s cancel gay pride! Instead, let’s just battle…

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