Jimmy Kimmel made a violent safety video for United

ABC On Monday night, Jimmy Kimmel had some fun at the expense of United Airlines over the viral video that has shocked many of a passenger being thrown off a United flight after it was overbooked. The late-night host first broke down the incident, which occurred Sunday. United employees forced four passengers off the flight because it was overbooked and United was giving seats to its employees. One man refused to leave, saying that he’s a doctor and needed to get back to his patients. He was then forcibly removed by police. The entire incident, in which the man…

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Millennium Park tops Midwest tourist destination

Millennium Park tops Midwest tourist destination CHICAGO — For travelers planning trips in the midwest, the Millennium Bean has become a must stop. Millennium Park has nudged Navy Pier from the top tourist spot, becoming the most popular place to visit in the midwest. With its concerts, nature programs and festivals, it’s also among the top ten most visited places in the country. A new method of crowd-counting determined that almost 13 million people visited the park just in the last half of 2016.  And that’s helping the entire city. Mayor Emanuel says he set a goal to bring 50 million…

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