New Record For World’s Fastest Camera Can Picture The Movement of Light Itself

Light: Science and Applications, the technique involved exposing a challenge be recorded to inform flashes of laser light, which were shown by the things. Each pulse was offered a distinct code, with an algorithm then turning the coded images into one picture and a video sequence.Instead of taking images one by one in a series, like other high-speed cams, this took four different images per frame. The scientists called the technology Frequency Recognition Algorithm for Several Direct exposures( FRAME). Utilizing this approach, which needed complicated laboratory devices including mirrors and lenses, the scientists might movie events as brief as…

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Watch This Mint Light Up Like Lightning After Being Smashed By A Hammer

Smarter Every Day 2/YouTube By Tom Hale Smashing up mints in a garage doesn’t seem like much fun but this might simply be the coolest thing you’ll see today.Shot at a wonderfully high frame rate, this video from YouTube channel Smarter Every Day 2 demonstrate how crushing a Wint-O-Green Lifesaver mint with a hammer can produce an optical phenomenon called triboluminescence. This roughly implies”friction-light”and refers to the light that is produced due to the breaking of chemical bonds when products are smashed, rubbed, or scratched.” It appears that triboluminescence is lightning on a very little scale,”Linda M. Sweeting, a…

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Facebook, for the first time, acknowledges election manipulation

Without saying the words “Russia,” “Hillary Clinton,” or “Donald Trump,” Facebook acknowledged Thursday for the first time what others have been saying for months. In a paper released by its security division, the company said “malicious actors” used the platform during the 2016 presidential election as part of a campaign “with the intent of harming the reputation of specific political targets.”   “Facebook is not in a position to make definitive attribution to the actors sponsoring this activity….however our data does not contradict the attribution provided by the U.S. Director of National Intelligence in the report dated January 6,…

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Xbox One Project Scorpio – everything we know about Microsoft’s next console

Update: 28 April 2017-New tech demonstration demonstrates how excellent Scorpio might look We haven’t seen any release-quality video games running on Scorpio yet, but Microsoft has provided us a hint of exactly what it could look like in a current tech demo. You can hit the link for a contrast including a steampunk researcher Tina Fey lookalike and a preposterously hi-res ladybug. It’s a peek of exactly what video games might look like, and it’s looking really handsome certainly. *** Original article continues below *** Back in June 2016, Microsoft unveiled Task Scorpio, a machine that it proudly dubbed…

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