Microsoft’s next mobile strategy is to make iOS and Android better

Microsoft hasn’t had a great time with mobile. While we can debate whether or not Windows Phone is finally dead, Microsoft is definitely prepared to proceed. After missing the mobile boat, Microsoft is now attempting to sneak onto iOS and Android devices like a sneaky submarine. We have actually seen the company concentrate on iOS and Android apps before, however at the Build event in Seattle today the message is clear: Microsoft is finally being realistic.Microsoft’s new push is to convince Windows users it can assist them resume activities and apps even if they’re using an iPhone or Android…

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This Minimal Cellphone Is All You Need to Remain Reachable

Mobile phones have certainly transgressed their original namesake from being simply “mobile” to being a necessary component of modern human existence. Staying connected has never been more important, or in fact, more addictive. In a bid to combat what is increasingly being deemed as problematic, The Light Phone is one of today’s most minimal communication … Read More

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