The WWE Production Crew Paid Their Own Tribute To The Undertaker

It was a crushing moment that die-hard WWE fans knew would eventually come. Last night, at the impressive age of 52, The Undertaker – real name Mark Callaway – hung up his boots in his final match with the company at WrestleMania 33. Well, more precisely, he hung up his gloves, hat and jacket. – WrestlingNewsSource (@WNSource) April 3, 2017 After losing to Roman Reigns at the Citrus Bowl, Taker ditched his regalia in the middle of the ring as metoriphical sign that he was done and boy did it hit us right in the feels. And it only…

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Roman Reigns Defeated The Undertaker And WWE Fans Still Don’t Care

In the world of professional wrestling, there are the superstars that promotions such as WWE want the fans to hate and those who the fans really do despise. There have been a lot of different names over the years who have been able to generate extreme heat by being the “bad guy” or heel, but some are able to do it all on their own. Roman Reigns is now public enemy number one of wrestling fans around the world, but not in the way WWE wants him to be. Ever since The Shield split up, Roman Reigns has been…

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23-Year-Old Bullfighter Gored Through Throat, Mouth And Tongue

A 23-year-old bullfighter has been gored through his face during his debut tournament and is now fighting for his life. Daniel García Navarrete was fighting a 1,000lb bull in Las Ventas, Madrid, in front of 10,000 spectators when he was pierced several times, reports the Mail. The attack was caught on camera as the audience were powerless to stop what was happening. This short clip shows some of the incident. Credit: The full footage shows the bullfighter being flipped in the air and thrown to the ground. The bull then repeatedly gores him with its horns as screaming…

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