Trans boy wins GIRLS track championship; girl who loses makes HEARTBREAKING confession includes this in its meaning of: “division into 2 mutually exclusive, opposed, or inconsistent groups.” BOOM! These nine words sum up much of contemporary liberal idea. “We’re for gays and gay-rights but we’re pro-Islam and Sharia” is one such contradiction. “We’re for ladies’s rights but are in favor of enabling biological men to contend (and win) in sports events versus real females” is another. It’s a pattern that’s acquiring momentum. Trans kid wins WOMEN track championship; girl who loses makes HEARTBREAKING confession After Warriors win NBA championship, BOMB drops on White Home see House libs so DESPERATE to…

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NBA Finals: Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving inspired by Golden State Warriors’ talk of celebrating at Cleveland

Cleveland: Talk from the Golden State Warriors about popping champagne corks and celebrating an NBA title on Cleveland’s court for the 2nd time in three seasons influenced Kyrie Irving to do something to avoid it.Irving scored 40 points and LeBron James included 31 with 11 assists and 10 rebounds to power the Cavaliers over Golden State 137-116 Friday, preventing exactly what would have been a historic win and NBA Finals sweep for the Warriors.File photo of Cleveland Cavaliers ‘Kyrie Irving and Golden State Warriors’Stephen Curry. AFP Golden State still lead the best-of-seven title series 3-1 and can declare the…

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