Donald Trump changed his Twitter banner. The internet mocked him.

President Donald Trump altered the banner image on his Twitter account late Monday night, and then altered it once again a number of hours later after the internet completely mocked it.Trump made the leading image on his Twitter page an image of Home Republicans celebrating passing the American Health Care Act, superimposed with a tweet the president had actually sent previously that day about congressional testimony from former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper on the topic of collusion in between Trump’s governmental project and Russia. — Tom McKay (@thetomzone) Might 9, 2017 Clapper’s statement wasn’t especially surprising, provided…

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Trump signs order seeking to allow churches to engage in more political activity

How Trump is rolling back Obama’s tradition View Graphic How Trump is rolling backObama’s tradition The sweep of the order was considerably narrower than a dripped February draft, which alarmed civil libertarians and gay rights and other liberal advocacy groups.Among other things, that variation consisted of an arrangement that might have permitted federal professionals to victimize LGBT staff members or single moms on the basis of faith.The order released Thursday rather included a blanket declaration that “it shall be the policy of the executive branch to vigorously impose Federal law’s robust defenses for religious liberty. “Trump said he would…

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