Trump driving his golf cart all over the green really just says it all

Entertainment They see me rollin’, they hatin ‘… Image: Heppell/AP/REX/ Shutterstock By Sam Laird 2017-06-22 22:36:55 UTC Golf rules says you don’t own a golf cart near the putting green– MUCH LESS ALL OVER IT. To name a few factors, this is to secure the delicate turf as a playing surface area everyone can enjoy. The golden guideline etc. (Plus, strolling 30 feet shouldn’t be that hard.) However here’s Donald Trump, damn near doing donuts on exactly what is most absolutely a putting green. President Trump driving his golf cart all over the green is the a lot of…

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President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Host Annual Congressional Picnic (Video)…

Rag Tag Lot of Conservative Misfits– Contact Info:!.?.!President Trump, First-Lady Melania Trump , Vice-President Mike Pence and Second-Lady Karen Pence together with their households, celebrated fellowship at the annual White House congressional picnic previously this evening …”We’ve been familiar with a lot of you over the last weeks and months, and established lots of friendships … with political leaders, can you believe it? And some really great individuals I need to state, primarily, primarily … a few bad ones, however that’s ok “… LOLOL 41 Reactions to President Donald Trump and First Girl Melania Trump Host Yearly Congressional…

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Black Lawmakers Just Dissed President Trump

The Congressional Black Caucus plans to choose not to meet President Donald Trump, according to brand-new reports. Lawmakers who comprise the caucus believe the Trump administration has actually done little to show their assistance for the group since their very first executive board conference with Trump back in March, four sources close with the group told … Read More

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Lunch ladies praise Trump roll back of Michelle O food rules: ‘A good thing for schools’

BUFFALO, N.Y. – President Trump is making school lunches great again, or at least a lot better than they were during the Obama administration. Food service directors are applauding recent changes to federal school food regulations imposed on schools as part of Michelle Obama’s campaign against childhood obesity. Trump Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue recently rolled back Obama-era restrictions on whole grains, dairy and sodium to give locals more control over the foods they serve to students, and several school food workers believe it’s making a big difference. ‘It doesn’t put such a chokehold on the items that we can…

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