Melania Trump reacts after a curator turns down “racist propaganda” of Dr. Seuss donation

Very first girl Melania Trump responded to a Massachusetts librarian who rejected her gift of Dr. Seuss books while calling them “cliché” and “steeped in racist propaganda, caricatures, and damaging stereotypes” in an open letter. “Mrs. Trump means to use her platform as First Woman to assist as lots of kids as she can. She has actually demonstrated this in both actions and words given that her spouse took office, and sending books to schools across the nation is however one example,” stated Stephanie Grisham, Mrs. Trump’s communications director, in a declaration. Grisham included that the dissentious nature of…

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San Juan Mayor Rebukes Trump Administration for Rosy Remarks on Relief Effort

On Friday evening, Mr. Trump again repeatedly praised his government’s response to the Puerto Rico hurricane during remarks to reporters before leaving for his New Jersey club for the weekend. “It’s going really well, considering,” Mr. Trump said. He added: “We’ve made tremendous strides. Very tough situation.” Later, he said, “People can’t believe how successful it’s been.” But the disconnect between what officials in Washington were saying and the situation on the ground in Puerto Rico was captured on live television by the response of the mayor of San Juan when she was played a clip of the Homeland…

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VIEW: Motorcycle Police Injured Protecting Trump– What President Does Next is Definitely Incredible (VIDEO).

An Indianapolis policeman suffered disastrous injuries on Wednesday while accompanying President Trump through the city– and while many Americans appreciate President Trump’s patriotism and empathy for our soldiers, no one anticipated exactly what happened next.Indianapolis Metropolitan Policeman Robert Turner was one of numerous local police officers who banded together to safeguard Trump’s motorcade in the city. While he was accompanying the President back to Flying force One at the airport, he all of a sudden fell off his bike on a significant highway, I-70. While the reason for the crash stays unidentified, the injuries were serious– it’s estimated that…

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Trump Consultant Struggles To Protect Tax Strategy (VIDEO).

Scarborough Says He’s Fed up with Republicans Being”The Stupid Party” The Equifax Breach: What Hackers Learn about You– America’s Legal representative As Arkansas Moves Closer to Dicamba Restriction, The Debate Warms up Majority of Americans Now Say Trump Unfit for Presidency– David Pakman Program A Future Without Industrialism (w/ Joey Eschrich)– The No Hour The Corporate State Escalates Media Censorship– Redacted Tonight The Lies Republicans Inform To Keep Control In The Hands Of A Small Group Of Billionaires– Thom Hartmann Program Trump’s Tax Plan Raises Taxes On Middle Class, Equifax CEO Gets HUGE Payment– Benjamin Dixon Dave Zirin, from…

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