The White House Wants ESPN’s Jemele Hill Fired for Stating Facts

< source data-srcset =,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/bhxuktoxirxzfhjfdqxv.jpg media=-- xlarge >< img src =,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/bhxuktoxirxzfhjfdqxv.jpg data-sizes= automobile data-width =5004 data-chomp-id=bhxuktoxirxzfhjfdqxv data-format= jpg > Jemele Hill and Michael Smith at the Slam Dunk Contest throughout the 2017 BET Experience in Los Angeles June 24, 2017. (Leon Bennett/Getty Images) Because 53 percent of white ladies chose to turn their collective backs on America, Donald Trump remains in office, and given that then, I haven’t been able to determine which side is up anymore.On Monday, ESPN’s Jemele Hill dropped some gems on Twitter in which she called the president of the United States a”white supremacist who has…

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Twitter Appears After Trump’s White House Social network Director Tweets, Deletes Phony News on Cyclone Irma

Whenever natural catastrophes struck, there normally comes a wave of phony pictures together with it – sharks swimming on the highway, for example. White House Social network Director Dan Scavino Jr. came down with fake news over the weekend when he tweeted out a video that he at first declared pictured the Miami International Airport flooded by Typhoon Irma. “Sharing #HurricaneIrma on social media with President @realDonaldTrump and @VP Pencehourly. Here is Miami International Airport. Stay safe!!” he tweeted. But Scavino removed the post quickly after Miami International Airport reacted to his tweet: “This video is not from Miami…

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Fighting won’t kill the Democrats. It will only make them stronger.

ADVERTISEMENT You can hear the cries of horror from within the Democratic Party about the upcoming release of Hillary Clinton’s book about the 2016 campaign, What Happened. Why open these wounds over her primary campaign with Bernie Sanders? Can’t we move on? Meanwhile, Bernie backers are out picking fights to the chagrin of party stalwarts. But Democrats should relax. This kind of internal squabbling is completely normal. Not only won’t it do them much harm, it will probably help them in the long run. And with three years before the next presidential election, this is the time to do…

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