Germany Spied On White House For Several Years

Germany’s foreign intelligence service (BND) spent several years spying on U.S. targets, including the White Home, Der Spiegel reported Thursday.The publication claims it has seen files containing around 4,000 selector keywords for BND security in between 1998 and 2006. It contains email addresses at the White Home and the U.S. finance minister and secretary of state.Military institutions such as the United States Flying force and the United States Marine Corps and space firm NASA are other targets on the list, inning accordance with Spiegel. Hundreds of foreign embassies and worldwide organizations are mentioned in the documents.BND President Bruno Kahl…

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Germany’s foreign intelligence spied on numerous US targets, even White House: Report

Berlin: Germany’s foreign intelligence service long spied on many authorities and business targets in the United States, consisting of the White Home, Spiegel weekly reported Thursday.Representational image. AP The publication said it had seen documents showing that the intelligence service, the Bundesnachrichtendienst(BND), had a list of some 4,000 so-called selector keywords for surveillance between 1998 and 2006. These included telephone or telephone number, along with e-mail addresses at the White Home in addition to the US financing and foreign ministries.Other keeping track of targets ranged from military organizations consisting of the United States Flying force or the Marine Corps,…

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Trump Trolls as Democrats Consider Reshuffling Leadership: ‘Please Let Cryin’ Chuck Stay!’

President Trump is still tweeting away this morning, and he has decided to taunt Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi about latter’s future as a congressional leader.Mediaite formerly kept in mind Trump’s tip that it was Barack Obama‘s fault for not stopping Russia from disrupting the 2016 election. It is now apparent that Trump wasn’t done there: … Why did Democratic National Committee reject the DHS offer to secure against hacks (long prior to election). It’s all a big Dem HOAX! … Why did the DNC CHOOSE NOT TO turn over its Server to the FBI, and still hasn’t? It’s…

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‘Nancy Pelosi is not where we need to go.’ Why Democrats lost Georgia, a progressive story.

Fans of Jon Ossoff cheer at an April rally for the candidate. (REUTERS/Marvin Gentry)Another gut-punch loss for Democrats, another soul-searching moment.Really, Democrats are havingthe very same internal arguments about why they lost Georgia’s unique election on Tuesday as why they lost the presidency in November. For one side of that argument, The Fix talked to Alejandro Chavez, Democracy for America’s campaign manager, who was on the ground in Georgia. Our conversation has been gently edited for length and clarity.THE FIX: What’s your takeaway from why Democrats lost an unique election you believed you might win?We can not continue with…

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