France just rejected the far right and elected Emmanuel Macron

PARIS — French voters faced a historic choice Sunday between a far-right presidential candidate and a centrist — and they overwhelmingly elected the one who embraced the European Union, immigration, free trade, and LGBTQ rights. In making Emmanuel Macron the youngest person ever to run France, voters decisively rejected Marine Le Pen, who had alarmed many inside and outside the country by her pointed attacks on Islamic fundamentalism, immigration, hostility to Europe, close ties to Russia, and socially conservative platform. “Europe and the world expect us to defend the spirit of the enlightenment that is threatened in so many…

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Memorial Day look back: Eagle photo touches hearts

Speak to anyone in my service and they’ll all say the very same thing: No matter the length of time you write stories and put them in the paper, you are never really sure which ones are going to strike a nerve. Exactly what you think might be a Pulitzer-quality impressive might draw only a great call from Mommy, while a basic tale tossed off on deadline triggers an uproar, or an avalanche of praise. One famous previous investigative press reporter at this paper wrote scores of stories that changed laws and saved lives, yet never ever did he…

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