Von Miller plays meanest April Fools’ Day joke ever

Just Von Miller giving us all a mini panic attack … no big deal.  (Photo: Instagram) KUSA – If you scrolled through Instagram Saturday – and happen to be a Denver Broncos fan – then you might have had a mini panic attack when you saw a post by linebacker Von Miller. It’s an ESPN alert that says “Breaking News: Traded” as well as a heartfelt note from the Super Bowl MVP. “It’s been good Broncos Country! I love you guys with the bottom [of] my heart! Not by choice, this is how the game goes! #sb50champs they can…

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It Turns Out That People Who Chat To Their Pets Are Actually More Intelligent

We can’t be the only ones who regularly have a conversation with our pets, surely? Whether it’s asking ‘Did you miss me?’ when you get home from work, or checking with them ‘Did you enjoy your dinner?’ sometimes they can be the best listeners. But it turns out there’s a reason behind our love for talking to our fluffy companions, and having a good chat with your dog or cat isn’t anything to worry about. Well, maybe there is if you’re expecting a response. Just like we would talk to our toys when we were younger, it’s natural to…

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