Can’t Wait For Charlie Rose To Press Catholic Democrats On Their Positions On Abortion

The big video breaking from the preview of this weekend’s Charlie Rose interview of Stephen K. Bannon on 60 Minutes consists of Bannon declaring the Catholic Church only supports DACA and other lenient immigration policies for loan and to constantly preserved that it is a Catholic lawmaker’s duty to follow pro-life doctrines.But duty

similarly falls on the legislators who have promoted and approved abortion laws, and, to the degree that they have a say in the matter, on the administrators of the health-care centers where abortions are performed.– Pope John Paul II, Evangelium vitae (1995), no. 59. The modern Democrat position on abortion(as articulated in Hillary Clinton’s platform in 2016) goes well beyond the old” safe, legal and rare” talking point from years gone by. Clinton (beholden to Planned Parenthood and NARAL)included a slab that advocated for utilizing tax-payer loan to fund abortions, thus eliminating the Hyde Change. This clearly raises the stakes for Catholic Democrats who can no longer hide behind the fig leaf that their personal views oppose abortion however they’ll not interfere with a lady’s choice. Now their position is to take cash from pro-life Americans and use it to fund the act that they find to be so abhorrent, immoral and, yes, wicked. Does this not increase to the level of a minimum of a modest obstacle to these Democrats who still call themselves Catholic?Bannon’s answer to Rose was flawed and bothersome, however the double-standard of just holding Catholic conservatives up to answer for their declared contradictions with the Church and letting liberals have a hand down an issue as essential and important as the abortion problem is reprehensible.This is a viewpoint piece. The views expressed in this article are those of just the author.

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