Bush official’s warning on nukes: If Kennedy had acted like Trump, “we would all be dead”

After a week of frighteningly, as much as Trump alone.”That will be the president’s decision, “Tillerson stated, when asked if the United States would need to act if North Korea followed through on its risk to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.And on Twitter– of course– Trump flat-out told Tillerson to stop doing his job, nix any efforts at a method to run international affairs. “He further suggested to Trump,”Possibly choose up the phone and call the secretary of state “to talk through such a serious subject.Intelligence expert Malcolm Nance was< a href= > a lot more direct:”This is tantamount to a hazard of nuclear war.”Trump has always has an unreasonable degree of confidence in his

own abilities. His campaign promise that” I alone can repair it”–“it”being basically whatever his fans were angry about– has actually naturally shown to be overall trash. The concept that he can fix an enigmatic crisis like a rogue nation led by a totalitarian living

in his own version of reality– one he brainwashes his people into believing is the< a href= > only real version– through nothing however bluster, threats, and name-calling is preposterous.What Trump can do, however, is oversight his method into a nuclear war, and drag the entire world along behind him.In that sense, his promise that he “will not stop working”feels

more like a risk not to Kim Jong Un, but to everybody else watching.Save Save Conserve Save Conserve Save Conserve Save Conserve Save

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