BTS Has De-Railed The Big 3 According to DAZED Magazine

DAZED Magazine has actually pegged BTS as the group leaving a few of Korea’s largest powerhouses scrambling to match up.

” BTS were seen by the industry as underdogs and outliers, something they appeared to embrace and make part of their identity– even if just to loudly smash that status versus the platinum records they’re chalking up.”

— DAZED Publication

BTS’s success remains in part from their ARMY, with whom they have actually built what DAZED calls a secret language.

“They might still be concerned as an overnight phenomenon by an American media … but even the smallest peek behind the glittery drape demonstrates how ferociously BTS have dedicated themselves to nurturing a long-term cooperative relationship in between the group and their fandom.”

— DAZED Magazine

They were likewise deemed innovators for their unique usage of social networks and their powerful online existence.

“… likewise triggered other groups to up their social game, from groups like ASTRO adopting BTS’s selfie-heavy method to brand-new young boy group WannaOne aping the @BTS_twt Twitter account with @WannaOne_twt.”

— DAZED Magazine

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— 방탄소년단 (@BTS_twt) Korean News Stations Report on BTS’s Worldwide Influence BTS exposes facts about each member that they believe fans ought to understand Source: DAZED Magazine

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