Brian Brown Claims Credit: Trump Issued Anti-Trans Rules To Pentagon “Within Hours” After We Told Him To

Brian Brown Claims Credit: Trump Issued Anti-Trans Rules To Pentagon “Within Hours” After We Informed Him To

Via e-mail from hate group leader Brian Brown:

Late recently we provided a require our politicians to offer us more than words, but give us deeds when it comes to fulfilling project guarantees to protect individuals of faith, protect spiritual liberty and roll back the harmful program of LGBT extremists pushed by President Obama.Within hours of our action, President Trump moved on to execute his previous decision to ban transgender people from serving in the military and provided conclusive rules for the military to follow.This is exactly the type of action we have actually been waiting for– not promises that something will occur in the future, however actions to make change occur now.Please join me in thanking President Trump for his action to safeguard America’s armed forces from the severe LGBT program by signing our petition to President Trump. You can include you name to those of thousands of others to let President Trump understand that you value his actions and have his back on this issue.In reality, numerous sources say Trump released the anti-transgender guidelines upon the prompting of Mike Pence, who in turn had actually been under heavy pressure from Tony Perkins.TampaDink joe ho Both parties are just the same. Green Partiers and Bernie or Busters? Right?The _ Sorrowful Hrm, … not a fan of the ban but it was floating around back in the very first 20 days and the President Bannon influenced EO attack that didn’t review so

  • well.Dave B ME! Look at Meeeeeeeeeeee

  • ! Oh, and send me money.JW Swift Frantically aiming to maintain some relevancy in the face of the rest of the nation passing him by, even if it implies blatantly lying

  • to do so.Rex Please name Brian

    Brown in the suit so he does not feel slighted.And make sure to mention he is a SPLC accredited hate group leader wouldn’t desire him to feel unloved.The _ Wretched”from the extreme LGBT program”Which is

  • just what?

    To enable everybody to serve equally in the military if they

    • selected to?

      Oh, how dreadful, patriotism for everyone! What ever will the LGBT-agenda consider next?Skokieguy [Larry] Equality is extreme to him.

  • As it is

    to the entire Republican politician Celebration (keep in mind the abundant have to pay less “to produce

    • tasks “. Tax equality is likewise severe). JW Swift OMG, their faith is under attack due to the fact that we were going to

  • force all straight males

    in the military to become trans!Wait, no?

    That’s not exactly what was going to occur if the initial orders were to be carried out? How, precisely would trans individuals serving honestly in the military be affecting their capability to praise

  • as they please?Got an answer for that one, Bri-bri? Christians praise by queer-bashing. Joseph Miceli How about having Brian Brown displayed in stocks in Times Square to be spat upon and pelted with refuse? I’m SUCH a traditionalist.shellback Excuse me, you repugnant slime ball, nobody knows who the

    hell you are.AtticusP KarenAtFOH The only alcohol

    he deserves is what’s made in a prison toilet.fuzzybits Oh delusional Bri-Bri. The only thing you have actually “informed”somebody to do is the waitperson

    to bring more pie.Ninja0980 Washed up has actually been states what?bkmn Was that prior to or after you talked to Putin Brian?fuzzybits Bj Lincoln Dave B Bj Lincoln That was intriguing and creepy.Bj Lincoln Equality is not an’ agenda ‘. I bet no one in Washington even know his name.That man who ran NOM into the

    ground.TexasBoy Now Brian Brown is declaring to be Trump’s puppet master?Bannon will send some nazies

    over if he notices.Rebecca Gardner Oh and did you see that daybreak

  • ? Yeah, our prayers provide you

    from darkness every day. Please send me money.Tawreos We ought to make sure that Trump understands that Brian Brown informed him to ban the trans folks and Trump did as he was told.Uncle Mark Oops … I published something close to that prior to reading your post.Tawreos Henry Auvil”The harmful program of

    LGBT extremists “: Wishing to serve and protect your country.Nowhereman The most severe of us wish to buy a cake every now and then, too.I attempt Brown to find out if his white straightChristian male fat arse could even survive basic, never ever mind do what our trans soldiers do.Gregory B You just know that Brian Brown is

  • going to land in some sort of

    trouble and it will be a trans member of the armed forces who saves his sorry ass. I think it is likewise referred to as”Karma”

  • . Spell it Brian:

    K-A-R-M-A … Dagoril Could his

  • mouth look any more like a sphincter? I believe not.Bluto jm2 wait! he didn’t ask for money?

  • he always requests for cash. need to have paid himself thismonth … Paula I would really prefer to see Brian Brown capture the attention of a group of anarchists.Baltimatt Uhh,

    • the President is 71,

      born 14 June 1946 Lars Littlefield Yeah, he’s method

  • beyond his unpaid date. tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick,

    tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick,

  • tick, tick, tick … JWC coram nobis”

    My pet dog barked at the moon, and Donald signed the order within hours

    • .”so … just what does this restriction involve”

  • securing marriage”? Bragging on how

    his group of “moral” individuals are about ruining the lives of ethical, patriotic individuals who offered to safeguard the country with their lives. P.S. Whata super

    sized piece of human garbage!P.P.S. Not surprising that people are fleing from organized religion.JWC Ya you hold that thot you dumb bag of shit Brooklyn Joe And how precisely do transgender

    individuals in the military affect marriage?Dana Stinson Transgender. Transgendered isn’t a word. Brian Burleson Thanks Nero Rome is aflame and you’re concerned about an”

  • ed”. Smokey NOM is finally understanding who they are and no one will spend for the reassignment surgery.JWC they do not its simply blowin smoke KarenAtFOH TheManicMechanic Thanks as soon as again, BernieBros and SteinSnatches!IAMBOWLINGGREEN It was never about

    marital relationship with these scumbags.Lars Littlefield Rebecca Gardner lymis Oh, look

  • who’s still alive.Frostbite Shrug. Exactly what’s another lie from this guy?fkevin Another individual who invests a fair amount of time in Russia.Nowhereman TAX THE CHURCHES NOW! At least, yank tax exemption from spiritual

  • groups that lobby the government.kanehau Wonder how

    these”christians”would respond if I tweeted … “I damn you, your family, and your families household to long lasting hell”. Would that be hate speech?Lars Littlefield Oy! Sounds like fair dinkum to me.Ben in Oakland Err, no, Brian, just cause you

  • constantly declare credit

    for exactly what more effective hate-groups do every three days does not imply you

  • impacted the other bigots trigger it happened to be before

    a Friday news dump throughout a significant catastrophe that Drumph did exactly what he already stated he would do to American troops.Uncle Mark So Brian Brown is just saying that Trump is his

    bitch. I’ll have to tweet him that Baltimatt Signing a petition to thank Trump? Hmmm, I’m

      • sure there

        ‘s no ulterior motive there.orion dumptee hmmm. thought all the

        • milt svcs RESPECTED each other. TP was

          a longtime usmc Ben in Oakland And here I believed you were about preserving marital relationship. It ends up you’re antigay and anti-trans too. Surprise. surprise. surprise.cowboy How can somebody be called an’ extremist’when they’re requesting for equality? Really … Mr. Brown …

    • rhetoric of

  • this sort is

    unbecoming of a religious man.Ken M Somebody offer this loser some spotlight so we can watch him

  • burn.Gregory B Ken M thanks. showing when again. We are everywhere.: )Hank

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