BREAKING: Watch Michael Bennett Take Down for Alleged Police Defiance

You might remember Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett from all the sitting he was doing during National Anthems and football video games. He has spent a great deal of time following in the footsteps (or more specifically, the buttprint) of his fellow professional anthem hater and bench warmer, Colin Kaepernick (see 49ers Colin Kaepernick Idiotically Protests National Anthem … Since Black Lives Matter?). There’s now a brand-new advancement in Michael Bennett’s life. Apparently the police officers revealed up in response to a require a possible shooting at a club. They wished to investigate, but Michael Bennett didn’t stick around to learn exactly what was going on. Apparently he ran. Surprise!

.?. !! Sources connected to the investigation inform TMZ Sports … when cops responded to the club for a possible shooting, they ordered everyone to obtain down and stagnate so they could properly search and investigate.We’re told Bennett did not stay put– instead, he ran– and a police officer outside the club stopped him and bought him down to the ground at gunpoint.Our sources say Bennett was apprehended up until cops could identify he was not included in any possible criminal activity … and he was released.Here’s what Michael needs to say about the experience: Not sure that’s exactly what the video reveals … Look,

we do not understand all the details of why Bennett took off faster than he ever has in his career. With anti-police rhetoric at a perpetuity high, more polices are required to be on edge. Running from the police throughout a possible shooting? Not a good plan. It’s quite typical knowledge by this point, but I digress.As for all the other individuals he discussed in the tweet– Eric Garner, Michael Brown, etc? They were incorrect too.

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