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Trump now says he’s going to work out with Democrats to get an ‘even better’ healthcare bill passed:

President Trump says he will negotiate with Democrats on health care but is also thinking about an executive order!.?.!— CNN Politics(@CNNPolitics) September 27, 2017 I know Republican politicians have cannot do what they guaranteed

in reversing Obamacare and have also failed at passing Obamacare lite. They’ve totally failed all the way around. But if Trump means on working out with Nancy and Chuck, then this is an awful concept that will only make things even worse. They are the ones who shoved Obamacare down our throats in the first place!If nevertheless he plans to negotiate with Democrats in Republican states

, to bring them over to the Republican side on healthcare, then he may get something significant passed. A costs that’s passed by even a few Democrats is likely to be worse than exactly what we have actually currently seen. If they aren’t fixing the fundamental issues increasing the costs, then exactly what’s the point. What I ‘d rather have actually heard Trump say is that he’s prepared to go toe to toe with a few of these RINOs who are up for reelection in the House and Senate, to combat to get Republicans chose who absolutely will reverse Obamacare. They stated he was a fighter, right?Trump really isn’t a fighter. He’ll take whatever bill comes out of your home and Senate and call it rescind then claim triumph. That’s why he’s arguing now he’ll work out with Democrats. See, he’s already calling it ‘even much better ‘prior to he’s even started the process!As an aside, Trump did state in the clip above that he’s going to sign an executive order that will allow individuals to cross state lines to buy healthcare policies. that is in fact

a good idea and we’ll certainly praise him for it when it happens.

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