BREAKING Trump Denounces Nazis in White Home Statement: ‘Bigotry is Evil’

President Donald Trump provided surprise remarks from the White House on Monday in the face of installing criticism that he cannot condemn white supremacy following the Charlottesville fear attack– stating “racism is evil,” and specifically condemning racist groups.The Trump White House has actually been inundated with bipartisan criticism given that he cannot unambiguously condemn racist groups, after a 20-year-old white supremacist owned his cars and truck into a crowd of peaceful protestors, killing one and injuring 19 more.Following the weekend of extreme criticism from all sides

of the political spectrum, Trump required to the Roosevelt Room Monday, starting his statements by promoting the existing state of the American economy and his administration’s successes.After talking about the stock exchange, Trump announced that the Department of Justice has introduced a civil rights investigation into the attack in Charlottesville.Towards the end of the statement, the president addressed exactly what his

critics have been demanding he condemn because Saturday’s attack, declaring”racism is evil.”” And those who cause violence in its name are wrongdoers and thugs, including

the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything that we hold dear as Americans, “he continued.

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