BREAKING: Jay Leno Risked His Entire Career by Exposing President Trump – AMERICAN TODAY

We all understand what is going on in between the liberals and the President. The drama is unstoppable due to the fact that the liberals are doing anything possible to take him and his household down. Guess who took a step forward in order to safeguard the President? Jay Leno. Mr. Leno came out of shadows, risked his whole profession and commented something that might be a lesson for the liberals.Jay Leno is tired of

the liberal rubbish. He cannot stand the anti-Trump resistance, and let’s be sincere, liberals have currently crossed the red line.Leno says that the Trump bashing must be given an end. He said that if he was still a late night host, liberals will not have that numerous opportunities to mock the President. In a recent interview, Jay Leno said that if he were still a late night host, there would be less Trump bashing.”I delight in bringing people together. If [mocking the president] is a continuous thing on a nighttime basis, eventually you’re all doing the very same joke,” Leno said.

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