BOOM: Keith Olbermann Damages Republican Weapon Nuts

Keith Olbermann just recently , for which lots of people believe they are responsible.Before the 1970s, the NRA was not a political group. Today, the National Rifle Association holds more affect in Washington than almost any other group.Since 1975, the NRA has

straight lobbied for weapon owners all over Capitol Hill. In truth, it might be one of the most prominent lobbying groups in all of Washington, D.C. Today, the NRA regularly lobbies for hidden bring schedule throughout the U.S.They encourage gun owners to cling to their automated weapons and 100-round clips. Las Vegas is still cleaning up bodies and wading through the consequences of America’s most dangerous mass shooting.But that will not last long. If history has actually shown anything

, it’s that another dreadful shooting will follow this one– and most likely quicker instead of later.And when it does, you can thank the NRA.POLL: Does the NRA lie about the 2nd Amendment?Do you believe the NRA has intentionally deceived the

American people? Vote in our poll to inform us your answer!It’s time all of us open our eyes to the fact of modern-day firearms? Share this story, and share the facts about the

NRA and weapon ownership in the United States of America.

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