BETRAYAL: 24 Republicans Join Democrats in Vote to Keep Obama-Era Transgender Military Policies in Place

I applaud Representative Vicky Hartzler (R-Mo.) for trying to do the best thing for our soldiers, and ultimately, for the safety of our nation.Hartzler required the vote in your home to limit the Obama-era policy of paying for the surgical treatments, hormonal agent therapy, and other measures to accommodate those military members stricken with gender dysphoria.If somebody has

a known mental health problem, they must not be allowed to sign up with the military, duration. The battleground is no location to check the resolve of those who are mentally unwell.But let’s be

clear about exactly what the Obama administration was asking (and exactly what Hartzler was aiming to stop): People in the throes of gender dysphoria think an elective, plastic surgery will repair something that is eventually rooted in their mind. Obama, at the danger of every other service member, desired to test the theory that an external patch-up might repair the deeper, psychological upset. He also wished to blend the way genders engage in the military.Sure, we’re facing growing risks abroad and in your home, but let’s turn our military into a laboratory for social experimentation. We’ll fret about how that effects military readiness when we struck the field.And the taxpayers get to foot the bill.Say, if I want breast augmentation, think it’s necessary to fix my psychological health, but I cannot pay for it, can I just sign up with the military and have them foot the bill?Just a thought, because breast enhancement is just as natural and reasonable as sex reassignment surgery– which is to state, it’s NOT. Hartzler made a strong case to press for an end to payments for catering to the LGBT mob and calming mental disorder in our military, but, regrettably, the expense was defeated in your house, with 24 Republicans joining the Democrats in opposing the bill, for a 209-214 count. “The Obama transgender policy, which was carried out without input from members of Congress, is ill-conceived and

contrary to our objectives of increasing troop readiness and investing defense dollars into attending to budget deficiencies of the past, “Hartzler stated in June.”By recruiting and permitting transgender individuals to serve in our military we are subjecting taxpayers to high medical expenses including as much as$ 130,000 per transition surgery, life time hormonal agent treatments, and additional surgical treatments to resolve the high portion of people who experience problems.”Her change would have disallowed the Defense Department from”provid [ing] medical treatment(aside from psychological health treatment )associated to gender shift”to

members of the armed force. Supporters of transgender military service argued that her proposition”would lower military readiness”by preventing transgender Americans from serving.Let’s discuss that” serving”part.First, if they’re only joining to get their surgery, they’re not signing up with to”serve.”They’re joining to be served. If that is their focus, they’re not military all set, and to recommend it needs a sex modification operation to make them all set, then you’ve got a very distorted view

of what makes for military readiness.Also, in concerns to military readiness, Hartzler made another great point: Hartzler preserved that her modification would increase preparedness, nevertheless. “The deployability of individuals going through the sex shift procedure is highly troublesome, requiring 210 to 238 work days where a soldier is non-deployable after surgery, “she said.” This healing time relates to 1.4 million manpower days where transgender personnel

can not deploy and fight our country’s wars, therefore counting on an already stressed out force to choose up the concern. It makes no sense to intentionally recruit individuals who can not serve.”That seemed like commonsense. No surprise your home rejected it.So who are the gutless traitors that sided with the left on this issue?California Rep. Paul Cook California Rep. Jeff Denham California Rep. Steve Knight California Rep. Darrell Issa Colorado Rep Mike Coffman Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo Florida Rep. Lena Ros-Lehtinen Florida Rep. Brian Mast Michigan Rep. Justin Amash Michigan Rep. Jack Bergman New Jersey Rep. Leonard Lance New Jersey Rep. Frank Lobiondo New Jersey Rep. Tom MacArthur New York Rep. John Faso New york city Rep. Elise Stefanik New York Rep. Tom Reed New York Rep. John Katko New york city Rep. Claudia Tenney Pennsylvania Rep. Ryan Costello Pennsylvania Rep. Charles Dent Pennsylvania Rep. Bill Shuster Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick

  • Virginia Rep. Barbara Comstock Washington Rep. David Reichert Are
  • we properly disgusted?I do not know what their reasoning lagged this absolute betrayal
  • of conservative principle
  • and our military, but this is revolting. If you see your
  • agent on this list,
  • make sure to offer their office a call and let them know what you think.The post
  • BETRAYAL: 24 Republicans Join Democrats
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