Bearing Witness To The Death Of The Republican Party

See enough commentary and you will hear somebody say that Trump is the Republican Politician Celebration. It isn’t just an offhand remark, although it’s delivered in a kind of throwaway way on whatever is the most recent horror dealt to us by Trump and his ever more complicit GOP. It suffices to make a person cry. There is a silver lining– and it’s a huge one.When people like Lindsey Graham, who had actually earned a procedure of regard(albeit a small one )in liberal quarters, attack the media for stating about Trump the EXACT very same things he’s said about the Orange Scourge, then you know the declaration that Trump is the Republican Politician Celebration is more than just a liberal talking point. When the Republican Celebration lines up behind a pedophile like Roy Moore and offers a nod to founded guilty criminal Constable Joe Arpaio in his Senate bid, you understand that Republicans have actually lost whatever shred of a moral compass they as soon as had. When nobody in the GOP stands up in any meaningful way to deal with the racist predispositions of a president who made incorrect equivalencies in the wake of the white supremacist terrorist attack in Charlottesville, it is as plain as the nose on your face that the Republican Celebration is in its death throes and nothing and nobody, particularly not the similarity Donald Trump or any of the other traitorous clowns in the White Home or in Congress, can wait. These are self-inflicted wounds.The face of the United States of America is altering. It has actually ended up being more youthful(millennials now surpass infant boomers), more brown, more black, more Asian– more everything other than old and white. For all of their empty talk about inviting minorities and looking after the welfare of the working male, whatever they have actually done– WHATEVER– has actually been targeted at throwing individuals out of the nation, taking away health care, enriching the already obscenely wealthy a lot more, fouling our air and water, and usually deconstructing all the safeguards put in place to safeguard individuals and care for their well-being when they are unable, for a range of reasons, to take care of themselves.The new face of America is not going to endure this crap any longer. The people who consist of the new demographics of our country, in addition to those people who have been around for some time but always on the exact same page of equality, fairness and concern for our neighbors, are upset and a little bit (perhaps a lot )terrified; but many of all, we are fired up. So much so that even Republican gerrymandering might not be able to stem the tide of the coming #bluewave. Sure there are deep red states– like Alabama for instance– but when red state individuals get disgusted and cannot bring themselves to vote for a Democrat, they remain house. When people see their vote indicates something, that they can actually effect change, they tend to do it. We have actually been revealed the method. All we have to do now is get active, stay active and above all else, VOTE.The Republican Celebration, with its outdated ideology, is dying right in front of us. They have tied themselves to a small-minded, mean-spirited oaf of a male and there is no turning back for them. This nation is ours to lose– or to take back.Ann Werner is the author of thrillers and other things. Take a look at her just launched three book digital box set< a href=""target=_ blank rel=noopener > 3 To Delight on Amazon!(Visited 115 times, 115 check outs today)

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