Hillary Clinton simply can’t stop losing, and by now she needs to be sick of it.First, she lost to Barack

Obama throughout the 2008 presidential election, when she believed she was a shoe-in as commander-in-chief. Then, President Trump sent her packaging after a vicious campaign caused his surprise success in November.Now, Hillary is losing yet once again, only it’s not to the President, but his wife.While President Trump’s approval rankings aren’t the best right now, thanks to relentless attacks by the media and Democrats alike, Melania is killing it. In reality, she’s got it all over Hillary at this very same point during her tenure as First Woman, which has to resemble rubbing salt in the wound to the old, elitist hag.According to a current FoxNews poll, Melania Trump’s approval rankings have increased by 14 points since the last poll was taken in December and by 16 points given that the very first survey was taken in August. While Melania’s 51 percent approval ranking does not measure up to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s (73 percent), she is doing dramatically much better than her spouse in the surveys and is a lot more popular than previous First Girl Hillary Clinton.While in the White House, Clinton had an approval ranking of about 49 percent, which her other half Expense exceeded her with his approval score of 51 percent throughout the first year of his presidency.Despite this, Gallup noted it is “not unusual” for very first women to be more popular than their partners, probably because “their role is far less questionable than that of the president, which frequently leads to less partisan scores of the very first girl.”

So there you have it. Melania had simply a 28 percent approval rating prior to President Trump took workplace, and now it appears to be soaring as America continues to fall for our beautiful, sophisticated First Woman– something we haven’t seen considering that President Bush left office.

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