Asus stuffs a GeForce GTX 1080 into a crazy thin laptop

We have actually seen thin and light gaming laptops previously, however Asus has taken things to the next level with its ROG Zephyrus, a svelte 15.6-inch note pad with high-end components shoehorned into an ultra-thin waist line determining just 17.9 mm. Oh, and that’s at its thickest point.The ROG Zephyrus tapers down to 16.9 mm, or about 0.67 inches if you’re still avoiding the metric system, yet still handles to house approximately a GeForce GTX 1080 GPU and Core i7-7700HQ CPU inside. The weight checks in at 2.2 kg (around 4.85 pounds). Keeping those elements cool inside such tight confines appears like an impossible challenge, and in reality Asus needed to reassess its cooling plan. What it came up with is a distinct design in which the bottom panel bends to produce a 6mm open for much deeper breathing when the laptop lid is lifted.”Air is absorbed through the gap and through tiny holes above the keyboard before being drained of vents in the edges of the chassis. The laptop’s raised profile works wi

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