Are Democrats Dumb Enough To Go After The NRA Again?

It wasn’t too long ago that Democrat Kathleen Rice criticized party management and stated it was time for #NRA&& @DLoesch are rapidly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump. We can’t overlook that.

— Kathleen Rice (@RepKathleenRice) August 11, 2017 Before I enter the absurdity of her statement, let’s take a look at the political ramifications of this effort. Democrats and the media effort as much as possible to make the NRA appear as if they’re a hazardous paramilitary organization. They concentrate on advertisements and mailings the NRA sends, and while one can quibble over whether such efforts are sensible, especially in an immediate news environment, the majority of individuals do not tune into exactly what the NRA is doing, nor are they overly worried about the NRA.Rice is pulling an old technique from the Democrat’s magic hat, and it does not work any longer. After the scary of the Newtown massacre, Congress attempted to pass new gun legislation (none which was relative to the shooting), and it stopped working. Weapon control supporters and even some Republicans were apoplectic. Background checks for private sales(what advocates declare closes the non-existent weapon program loophole)was a focal point of the legislation. Critics made a lot of sound saying the step had 90%support among the public and those opposing the bill would pay a lot in the 2014 elections as a result.They did not. It was a lesson to all

those who equate poll results with preferable action on the part of citizens. Survey citizens on the concern,”Do you wish to pay less in taxes? “and you’ll likely discover that exact same 90%. Does it indicate people will be tearing down doors and blocking phone lines to obtain their representatives to support it? Not at all.From a political standpoint, unless Rice believes it will assist in her district, it’s not a national winner.As for the substance of her tweet, Rice is off her rocker. The very first time I can remember when Democrats attempted to frame the NRA as a sinister group sought the Oklahoma City bombing. The media was in a craze over militia groups, trying to encourage the country, they were a severe danger. Gun control supporters and Democrats tried linking the NRA to militia groups who they aimed to link to Timothy McVeigh and naturally, to the act of fear he committed.Democrats tried since. In the age of social networks, it takes about 30 seconds after reports of a mass shooting surface for some balloon visit blame the

NRA. And not just some random idiot either. It is normally a prominent political leader, celeb or political talking head.The just element of the mass shootings in question that’s common is they’re never ever performed by a member of the NRA.This is where Rice’s idiotic declaration about a security risk is one of the dumber things

stated by a political leader in a very long time. The NRA held their yearly convention in Atlanta this year, and you would be difficult pushed to find a safer place to

be than amongst the weapon owners, much of whom were bring firearms.Does any person think Representative Rice would take a stroll in the West Englewood neighborhood of Chicago anytime soon? After all, it’s Chicago. They have a few of the strongest gun laws in the nation. She ought to be completely safe. I can ensure she likely would not encounter any members of the NRA and if they’re such a security threat, no issue then, right?Or perhaps Rice can ask the moms and dads of those who have actually lost liked ones on the streets of Chicago to violence exactly what they think about the NRA. I have a strong sense they’re not going to appreciate the NRA all that much either.But you choose that Ms. Rice. See how it works out.The post Are Democrats Dumb Enough To Go After The NRA Again? appeared initially on RedState.


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