Anxious Trump hints he might choose not to meet with Mueller

The “extremely steady genius” strikes once again.

Donald Trump was forced to face White Home reporters Wednesday afternoon, and it did not go well for him.At a joint interview with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg, Trump tried to cushion the blow by just getting in touch with 2 press reporters, both from conservative outlets, but still might not manage to prevent making devastatingly problem for himself.Fox News’John Roberts asked Trump if he would want to take a seat for questioning by unique counsel Robert Mueller, and exactly what prerequisites he may demand. Trump then went on a prolonged variation that included solid gold strikes like”no collusion”and”Democrat scam,”but cannot address Roberts ‘actual question.Roberts followed up that embarrassment by asking Trump to answer the real concern,

which turned out to be that Trump does not actually believe he will submit to the interview, after all: ROBERTS: Are you open to conference with him? Would you be prepared to satisfy with him without conditions,

or would you demand that a rigorous set of criteria be positioned around any encounter between you and the special counsel?TRUMP: Well, once again, John, there has been no collusion in between the Trump campaign and Russians, or Trump and Russians. No collusion. When I see you talking to all the people leaving their committees, I indicate, the Democrats are all running for office and they’re aiming to say this stuff. However bottom line, they all say there’s no collusion. And there is no collusion. And when you talk about interviews, uh, Hillary Clinton had an interview where she wasn’t sworn in, she wasn’t offered the oath, they didn’t keep in mind, they didn’t record, and it was done on the 4th of July weekend. Uh, that’s possibly absurd, and a great deal of people looked upon that as being a really major breach, and it actually was.But again, I’ll talk to attorneys. I can just say this: There was absolutely no collusion. Everybody understands it, every committee– I have actually been in office now for 11 months. For 11 months, they have actually had this bogus cloud over this administration, over our federal government, and it has actually hurt our federal government. It does injure our government. It’s a Democrat hoax that was raised as a reason for losing an election that, honestly, the Democrats should have won because they have such an incredible advantage in the Electoral College. It was brought up for that reason. It has actually been identified that there is no collusion, by practically everyone, so we’ll see exactly what happens.ROBERTS: But once again, would you be open to– TRUMP: We’ll see exactly what occurs. I imply, certainly I’ll see exactly what occurs. But when they have no collusion and nobody’s discovered any collusion at any level, it appears unlikely that you ‘d even have an interview.Trump appears to be laying

the groundwork to decline the interview based upon some sort of suspicious legal argument, along with his own incorrect sense of indignation at even being asked. Trump’s attorneys have been

making a pretense of cooperating with Mueller, but that pretense might have ended Wednesday. His attorneys are apparently worried that Trump– who was caught lying 30 times under oath throughout a two-day deposition– might perjure himself.Mueller was never ever most likely to take “no”for a response, however Trump’s impulsive performance here may have hastened the day when the special counsel forces the concern. Freelance Political Writer Tommy Christopher Former White House reporter and politics press reporter for AOL, The Daily Small Talk, and Mediaite, and a longtime liberal journalist and commentator. Follow Tommy on Twitter @Tommyxtopher.



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