Amidst Fallout Over Racist Comments, Trump Pledges To Eliminate For MLK’s Dream

Previously today, with electronic cameras rolling, Trump had Haitians and Salvadorans, threatening to require hundreds of thousands of long-lasting citizens to leave the U.S. When Haiti was pointed out on the list of TPS nations, CNN reported,” Trump asked why the United States desires more individuals from Haiti and African countries,”and later said,” Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.”On Friday, as part of his comments about King, Trump read from a script,”we promise to battle for his dream ofequality, liberty, justice and peace.”Ahem.Secretary of Real Estate and Urban Development Ben Carson followed Trump to the microphone and prompted activists to keep God at the

center of their work for flexibility and equality. Doing so, he said, would keep that work from being “worthless words rolling off of our tongue, “which Carson presumably did not mean as a referral to Trump’s words from a couple of minutes earlier.Carson likewise thanked Trump for signing legislation earlier this month that upgraded the civil rights leader’s birthplace, church and burial site from a nationwide historical website to a national historic park

. Also speaking was MLK nephew Isaac Newton Farris Jr., who advised people to celebrate his uncle with acts of service to others.Vice President Mike Pence also stood with Trump but did not speak.

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