America’s Got Talent honors local doctor, musician killed in crash

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY)– America’s Got Skill paid tribute Tuesday to a regional medical professional turned viral music experience who passed away after a mishap last month.Before Dr. Brandon

Rogers had the ability to step into the spotlight on nationwide tv, he was involved in a tragic mishap in Maryland. According to the cops report, Rogers was a traveler in a cars and truck that veered off the road and crashed into a tree. He passed away from his injuries.Rogers was 29 years old. Friends and family remember him as being mild, simple and soulful.On Tuesday, America’s Got Talent aired Dr. Rogers’audition on WAVY-TV 10. Lots of stars together with medical professionals at Riverside Brentwood Medical Center, where Rogers

worked, are remembering the doctor gone too soon.Dr. Rogers was

welcomed to sing with Boyz IIGuys in Las Vegas. After learning of his death, the group took to Instagram to bear in mind the physician writing,”Gone too young and gone prematurely. It harms to understand that the world will never ever have a chance to witness exactly what his effect on the world might have been as a doctor as well as on the music world.” Dr. Rogers was dealing with a diabetes care task

at Riverside Brentwood. The healthcare facility will move forward with it in his honor.Dr. Rogers’brother also posted on Instagram remembering his brother or sister after his death:

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