Alt-Right Goons Just Tried To Disrupt Shakespeare In The Park, And It Backfired Immediately

Steve Scalise(R-LA)and 4 others at a Republican baseball practice Wednesday, he saw his opening.Republicans have actually been up in arms for weeks about the play because, in it, the Julius Caesar character is portrayed looking quite like President Donald Trump.Trump– I mean Caesar– gets assassinated at the end of the play(spoiler alert )by patriotic Roman Senators led by Brutus who couldn’t stand idly by as the autocrat stomped on the laws and traditions of Rome.That play inspired an Illinois Liberal to go out and soar a Republican baseball practice, so the twisted Right wing thinking goes, and Jack decided he was going to do something about it.So, he collected some of his white power buddies to attend what was probably their first-ever play of any kind. It seems the plan was for Jack to movie as

a co-conspirator stormed the phase yelling important sounding things at Big Apple hipsters and city slickers– once again, not the easiest crowd to impress under the very best of circumstances. When Plan A was instantly squashed, poor Jack had to

resort to Fallback: taking a selfie video to capture himself shrieking at unimpressed New Yorkers.At one point throughout Posobiec’s rant, he starting calling the audience members”Joseph Goebbles,”something we’re embarrassed to confess left us a bit baffled . Goebbles was the high priest of Nazi propaganda, a sort of customer saint of the Alt-Right media. Was Posobiec complimenting the audience and the play? Hard to tell.I need to say, however, Jack’s selfie skills are on point. The arm extension is impressive, and he handled to keep his face in the frame many of the time. As any 17 -year-old performance going snap-chatter can confirm, that’s no simple task. He got the difficult spelling of ‘Caesar’appropriate in his tweet. That said, he might use a couple of guidelines on low-light cinematography. Now I’m just being picky.While it is nice to see Trump fans finally accepting the theater, unfortunately for Jack, the effort to shut the play down ultimately failed. However the mission to make a fool of himself was successful brilliantly. We cannot be particular which was his primary intent, though.You can see his whole comical effort at a creative declaration< a href=""> here and choose for yourself.

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