After Trashing Trump, Starbucks Caught Literally Putting POOP in Their Coffee – AMERICAN TODAY

The scenario for Starbucks is going from bad to worse genuine fast.First, they

defied Trump by vowing to employ 10,000 freeloading immigrants. Really bad organisation decision.Next, Starbucks staff mocked a customer for daring to purchase a coffee while wearing a Trump t-shirt.

Once again, dreadful organisation choice, and it stimulated an effective social response.Check out Trump supporters staging a sit-in at the upseting Starbucks outlet: Oh, however this latest news really takes the cake.An examination carried out by a consumer guard dog program

on the BBC found fecal germs in popular Starbucks drinks.Samples of iced beverages from Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Caffe Nero contained differing levels of the germs, the BBC’s Guard dog found.Expert Tony Lewis said the levels discovered were”worrying “.”These ought to not exist at any level– never mind the substantial numbers found,”he added.In other words,there’s poop in your coffee.It should be kept in mind, again, that Starbucks attempted to stick it to Trump by hiring countless immigrants from developing nation, where health is not constantly a leading concern.

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