A Minimum Of 3 Philadelphia Eagles Aren’t Going To The White Home

Several Philadelphia Eagles gamers will skip out on any White Home event this year following their first-ever Super Bowl win Sunday.Wide receiver Torrey Smith, defensive end Chris Long and security Malcolm Jenkins have all stated they will not go to if the conventional presidential invite is extended.”I permanently do not anticipate attending that,”Jenkins informed CNN on Monday. He said he didn’t have any message for the president. […] “We read the news simply like everybody else. You see Donald Trump tweet something, “Smith stated in January. “We have those conversations in the locker room, much like everyone else performs in the workplace. We’re very notified about exactly what goes on, and we’re aiming to continue to inform ourselves.”Eagles DE Chris Long was asked if he ‘d visit the White House if the Birds win the Super

Bowl.” Man that didn’t go to White House in 2015 responses direct question regarding whether or not he ‘d hypothetically go this year”exactly what a surprise!! thank you to the hack tasks for making it seem like I held an interview. Likewise credit @PardonMyTake Likewise: the group that was as concerned about social activism as anyone in the league(, most notably through Malcolm Jenkins and Chris Long, just won the Super

Bowl. Let’s stop pretending that’s an interruption from here on out.Non-football fans needing a need to care today ought to read about Chris Long( @JOEL9ONE ). He’s donated full year’s income to educ equality, spoken up bluntly on poverty & opportunity, first white gamer to show in uniformity -& a Cville native!


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