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Rubio, finger to the wind, states costs he elected ‘most likely went too far’ with corporate tax cuts

Ooops? Is that what Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is saying about the huge tax cuts costs he chose? He suggested to elect it, however perhaps it’s not such an excellent thing?Rubio said he expects corporations to pay out higher dividends to shareholders and redeem shares to increase their stock cost with earnings from the costs.”You’re going to see a great deal of these multinationals purchase back shares to drive up the cost,” Rubio informed the southwest Florida-based News-Press.”Some of them will be forced, since they’re resting on historic levels of cash, to pay out dividends to shareholders,” Rubio stated. “That isn’t going to produce significant financial development.”Did this simply occur to him? He wasn’t aware that corporations were planning to do this with their huge cuts prior to the vote? Since they were telling us that’s precisely what they were going to do weeks prior to the vote. It wasn’t a big trick, or anything. And no real economist, anywhere, concluded that there would be economic development to offset the hole in the nation’s treasury this is going to cause.He says he supported the costs due to the fact that there were a few things in it he didn’t like, and if “I were king for a day, this tax costs would have looked various.” Guess what, Marco? You might have been king for a day. With John McCain out for the vote and a couple of other senators on the fence, you definitely had it in your power to tie this up, to not offer this substantial bonus you now are sorry for to corporations.It’s too little, too late now to pretend like you are among the sensible, moderate ones. You’re as much a hack as you have actually ever been.


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