7 Virtue-Signaling Celebrities Silent on Massacre of Coptic Christians


Left-wingers insist that they are the champions of minorities, yet one oppressed group constantly seems notably absent from their social networks virtue-signalling– Christian minorities in the Muslim world, should be alarmed by the massacre of Coptic Christians, by an Islamic extremist, in Egypt.Yet so far, Katy Perry’s feeds on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram state nothing about the massacre. Maybe she just forgot to have an intern read her the headlines this morning.One would think that somebody who understands of such obscure minorities would have a little time to Conserve the World from the persecution of religious minorities, but up until now, the engineer-turned-kids-TV-comedian-turned-Netflix-superhero has said absolutely nothing about today’s massacre of Egyptian Christians.Nanjiani, who frequently grumbles about his own condition as a popular Emmy-nominated celebrity oppressed Muslim minority, makes it clear that we ought to speak out against bigotry at every opportunity: We cannot let hate/racism/bigotry/ sexism be stabilized. If something happens, be safe, however let it be known we won’t stand for this.That’s why, as a popular Muslim with a huge platform, it should only be a matter of time prior to he speaks out versus the homicidal bigotry presently being dealt with by Egypt’s Christian minority. Let’s keep waiting– it’s bound to happen soon!Streep has yet to say anything about today’s

amazing infraction of human rights in Egypt.Given that he isn’t happy to call out Islam when they target his own community, it’s possibly no

surprise that he’s stated absolutely nothing about the Coptic Christians. 6 of his eight tweets today have been devoted to criticism of the Trump administration. None discuss the attack in Egypt.After the election of Donald Trump, Hollywood’s feminist-in-chief penned an essay expressing her assistance for “those in the jail system, those with undocumented American loved ones, those who are trans, who are queer, who are people of color, who are Muslim, who are attempting to prosecute their abusers”who have actually “have actually felt the crushing failure of the system over and over again.”That’s a great deal of minorities she

cares about. But unlike Dunham, who had her sensations harmed by the election of Trump, people really passed away today in Egypt. Christian minorities brutalized at the hands of Islam, it seems, have yet to make Dunham’s list.If you cannot imagine yourself in one of those boats, you have something missing. They are passing away for a life worth living. #refugeeswelcome You would think that an open-doors supporter like Rowling would leap

to call attention to the plight of spiritual minorities in the Middle East. Such an approach might soften the attitudes of conservatives who oppose taking in refugees from those areas. It’s practically 5pm in the U.K, and Rowling has yet to comment on the violent

deaths of more than 20 Coptic Christians.An Unfashionable Minority?Credit where credit is due– one popular progressive, Linda Sarsour, has said the terrorists accountable for today’s attack can”rot in an everlasting hell.”But she appears to be an only voice amongst popular left-wingers, who

rarely miss out on a chance to comment on any viewed injustice against minorities, throughout the world. Possibly maltreated Christians are simply not a stylish minority.


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