7 Navy Crew Missing, Skipper Hurt After Collision Off Japan

7 Navy sailors were missing out on and the captain and at least 2 others were injured after a U.S. destroyer and a container ship clashed off the coast of Japan prior to dawn Saturday, the United States Navy and Japanese coast guard reported.Rescuers were searching

for the 7 sailors who were believed to have actually been thrown into the sea or possibly caught inside damaged sections of the destroyer, stated Japanese coast guard spokesperson Yoshihito Nakamura. None of the crew of the container ship was reported injured.Footage from the Japanese TELEVISION network NHK showed Navy team members working to pump water from flooded sections of the mid-right side of the USS Fitzgerald.The ship’s captain, Cmdr. Bryce Benson, was airlifted to the U.S. Naval Hospital in Yokosuka and remained in stable condition, the U.S. 7th Fleet

said in a declaration. Two other crew suffered cuts and contusions and were evacuated, it said. It was uncertain the number of others may have been hurt.Legal Specialist Describes Cosby Jury Deadlock

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Durante about the Expense Cosby jury being deadlocked on sexual assault charges.The Fitzgerald had limited propulsion after suffering damage on the ideal side listed below the water line and a U.S. defense official said there was flooding in three compartments. It wasn’t clear yet what caused the nighttime accident between the destroyer and the container ship 4 times its size. Many of the more than 200 sailors aboard would have been asleep in their berths, a few of which were supposedly flooded.The area is particularly busy with sea traffic, stated Yutaka Saito of the coast guard.The Navy, Japanese maritime defense vessels and the coast guard were working to stabilize the destroyer as it headed to shore, said Navy chief Adm. John Richardson. The Navy stated that the collision happened 56 nautical miles(103 kilometers)southwest of Yokosuka, which is house to the 7th Fleet.” Right now we are focused on 2 things: the safety of the ship and the wellness of the sailors,” stated Adm. Scott Swift, leader of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.The Japan coast guard stated it got an emergency call from a Philippine-registered container ship ACX

Crystal around 2:20 a.m.(1720 GMT Friday)that it had clashed with the Fitzgerald southwest of Yokusuka, Japan.Relatives of crew members were waiting for news of their liked ones.

“Simply heard the sweetest voice and saw a wonderful face. He’s okay. Thank you all for the prayers,”Rita Schrimsher of Athens, Alabama, tweeted after speaking with her 23-year-old grandson Jackson Schrimsher via Facetime. “It could have been

worse so we’re grateful,”she stated by phone.The Philippine ship is 29,060 tons and is

222 meters(730 feet)long, the coast guard stated, much larger than the 8,315-ton marine destroyer. Aerial tv news footage showed its bow on the left side was dented and scraped, however it did not appear to have actually suffered any major structural damage.The fleet said the USS

Dewey, medical assistance, Navy pulls and naval airplane were dispatched. The Japan coast guard dispatched 5 patrol ships and an airplane bring medics to the website for search and rescue operations.The Navy’s Pacific Fleet stated the degree of damage to the Fitzgerald was being identified and the event was under investigation.Associated Press authors Mari Yamaguchi and Elaine Kurtenbach in Tokyo and Cathy Bussewitz and Jennifer Kelleher in Honolulu added to this report.Will the NHL Growth Draft Nab Among Your Favorite Players? The NHL is broadening next season as it includes a new team, the Las Vegas Golden Knights. To submit their lineup, the league is holding an expansion

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