30+ Hilarious Responses to Melania Trump’s ‘Creepy’ White House Christmas Decorations


Christmas is just around the corner. For many people, that suggests that it’s time to hang those festive and brilliant lights, embellish the Christmas tree and develop adorable snowmen. It indicates to fill your home with green and red devices, mistletoe and great cheer. Nevertheless, it seems that for the First Lady of the White Home, Melania Trump, Christmas means something else– something more on the lines of Halloween, even.It all started with this photo posted by her Communications Director Stephania Grisham on Twitter:

And a chain of retweets appeared, with people constantly poking fun of the basic appearance of the White House, which resembles a Tim Burton directed anti-Christmas scary flick rather than a festive Christmas-themed celebration. Here are more than 30 responses by spectators on Twitter, with the help of Photoshop and a great old sense of humour.

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Pleased she’s comprehended the aesthetic of the long nationwide headache we remain in.

# 3

… Did she take her designing motivation from “The Blair Witch Task”? This is the precise opposite of vacation cheer.

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Come and have fun with us, Barron

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# 7

I’m so sorry for your loss. Prayers for whomever died. Props for the super creepy funeral tho

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I wasn’t sure whether Melania’s White Home Christmas decorations were more Pan’s Labyrinth, It, or Stranger Things, so I integrated them all. Christmas decorations advise


of another household that had to tolerate a father who lost his mind?!.?.!#20!.?.!Well. That’s rather an interesting method to go. Typically Christmas design

is meant to provide you sensations of great cheer

, singing by the fireplace to Bing Crosby. I see FLOTUS is obviously believing of Armageddon and the four horses of the apocalypse.I can see why she believes that. # 54 # 55 I’m awaiting Angus Scrimm’s Tall Guy to stumble from the shadows, bellowing”YOUNG BOY!!!” and sending out silver spheres down the hall. # 56 this is the director’s


including the alternate ending where cruella eliminates all the puppies. # 57 This Blair Witch remake looks to be the scariest yet. # 58 It looks like the slytherin dungeon
. # 59 Which’s it, folks. Wishing everybody in and out the White Home a really merry Christmas! May

your Christmas designs permanently creep your guests out.

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