Regular Americans to Sneering Democrats: No, Seriously, Tax Reform ‘Crumbs’ Are Really Assisting Us

This early morning we February 3, 2018 We also have these new wage walkings and employee bonuses being paid at and telecom business, plus at this community bank:– Man Benson (@guypbenson) February 5, 2018 Republican politicians should not merely promote these stories in press releases and media interviews. They need to have an across-the-board method to bait Democrats into convulsions of”crumbs”teasing(now that” Armageddon ” is not from another location personnel), them pummel them for falling under their self-made trap. I cannot think the Left is going with this, however they are. Possibly Congressional Democrats think they have no much…

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Eagles Players Talk Choice to Boycott White House Check Out: ‘We Check Out the News Just Like Everyone Else’

Malcolm Jenkins *Some players on the Philadelphia Eagles have already made it clear – they won’t be attending the traditional White House reception, saying they oppose the man who currently lives there. Wide receiver Torrey Smith, who raised his fist on the field to express solidarity with “Black Lives Matter,” expressed his disapproval of Trump’s war against players who take a knee during the national anthem to protest racism. “We read the news just like everyone else,” Smith said Wednesday. “You see Donald Trump tweet something … We have those conversations in the locker room, just like everyone else…

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