Trump defense of Melania Trump follows presidential pattern

WASHINGTON (AP)– Costs Clinton when desired to punch a paper writer in the nose for calling Hillary Clinton a “genetic phony.” Ronald Reagan grumbled about the “bottom rap” Nancy Reagan got for purchasing White Home china. George H.W. Bush defended Barbara Bush after female students challenged her as their commencement speaker because she dropped out of college to wed him.There’s a long custom of presidents defending their very first women, and it’s now President Donald Trump’s turn.Trump pressed back recently after Vanity Fair magazine, citing a confidential source, reported that Melania Trump didn’t wish to become very first lady”come…

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Sources in Trump’s White Home report conferences to assemble a network of deniable wetwork

/ Uber admits it breached 57,000,000 accounts, then bribed the hackers to cover it up, now they’re paying a top ex-NSA legal representative to teach them transparency Uber’s Chief Gatekeeper Joe Sullivan and his leading assistant have both been displaced of the business in an act of penance for the discovery that the company suffered a breach in October 2016 where hackers took personal data from 50,000,000 riders and 7,000,000 chauffeurs, consisting of 600,000 motorists’ US driving license numbers; Uber […] Teardown of a consumer voice/location cellular spying gadget that fits in the suggestion of a USB cable television…

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Trump eyelashes out at own FBI in a series of tweets

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is attacking his own FBI in a series of tweets and says the law enforcement agency’s reputation is “in Tatters – worst in History!” The president says in a tweet that “we will bring it back to greatness.” The president was responding to reports that a veteran FBI counterintelligence agent was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s team investigating Russian election meddling because of anti-Trump text messages. He writes after years under fired FBI director James Comey, “with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more),” the agency’s reputation “is in Tatters –…

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Donald Trump Protects Melania Versus Unflattering ‘Vanity Fair’ Article Claiming She Didn’t Want FLOTUS Job

Donald Trump has safeguarded his other half, Melania, against an unflattering Vanity Fair post, ending up being the most recent in a long line of presidents who have actually openly protected their wives against criticism, San Francisco Gate is reporting. Mentioning a confidential source, Vanity Fair composed earlier this year that Melania is, at the minimum, unpleasant with her function as the very first lady. Particularly, states the source, the very first lady didn’t want the job “come hell or high water” and in reality, didn’t think it likely that Donald would win the election. Speaking of Donald winning…

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Pelosi, Democrats Aim To Trigger Fear Among Americans; Calls Tax Strategy “Armageddon” ⋆

Democrats feel no one can run government except for them however have you seen when they run the country’s service; they spend money with no solutions?Democrats are ringing the fear bells this vacation season on the Tax Reform being pressed by the Senate. They are stiring worries and beating it like a drum in hopes that the hatred for the legislation will resonate and force individuals into the streets to march and battle against something they do not understand.Nancy, please show us exactly what the tax plan is if you even know what one is. The American individuals would…

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Campus Republican Who Attended White Power Rallies Re-Elected As President Of GOP Student Group

An undergraduate Republican leader who attended white power rallies was just recently re-elected by the members of his school’s pro-GOP trainee group.James Allsup , the former president of the Washington State University(“WSU”)College Republicans was required to step down after extensive reports that he participated in the “Join the Right”rallies in Charlottesville, Virginia. Those rallies ended in violence and death previously this year.Allsup’s face appeared in many pictures distributed after the death of socialist Heather Heyer at stated rallies. His face, lit up by a tiki torch, ended up being associated with white nationalism. He was set up to speak…

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