Trump Breaks Silence, Backs Roy Moore: We Do Not Required A Liberal Democrat Because Senate Seat [VIDEO]

While leaving the White House en path to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving, President Trump signified support for Alabama senate prospect Roy Moore, who has been pestered by sexual accusations from 9 different females. “We do not need a liberal Democrat because seat,” said Trump. “He absolutely denies [the accusations], you need to pay attention to him likewise … we do not need somebody soft on criminal activity like Jones.” Why it matters: This signifies a significant shift in the president’s position. The White House had actually formerly said that Moore ought to drop out of the race if the allegations…

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AI could help Melania Trump curb cyberbullying

As long as there are power imbalances, insecurities, and competition among humans, so too will there be bullies. Name a decade, a century, and a place, and an era-equivalent to the toilet swirlie doubtless occurred. The digital age amplified this dynamic to the extreme, empowering those who seek to intimidate their targets with a bigger “toilet” to flush faces in: the internet. Bullying was once confined to schoolyards, but today’s kids (and some adults) take it everywhere they go. They take it on their phones, on their computers, on their tablets, and anywhere else connected to the web, where…

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Minnesota turkeys to be pardoned at the White Home

WASHINGTON (Gray DC)– Fulfill the Willard Hotel’s fluffiest guests. “They’re more active then yesterday so they must have had a good night,” Markus Platzer, General Supervisor at Willard Intercontinental Hotel said. Wishbone and Drumstick may just be having the finest week of the turkey lives. Not only getting their own individual hotel room however being spared from Thanksgiving dinner. They were chosen as this years’ White Home turkeys. “They can be found in they get their own room however they’re treated like world class race horses,” Carl Wittenberg, Chairman of the National Turkey Federation stated. Wittenburg raised the turkeys…

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Hey Tom Steyer, You Won’t Impeach Trump Without A Democratic House

Tom Steyer is throwing Public law Ballot study, 49% of participants preferred it, while 41% opposed it. That’s a plurality, but not a majority, and certainly not an “frustrating” bulk. In an August Harvard/Harris poll, 43% of respondents favored impeachment, while 42% backed no action and 12% backed censure. Likewise in August, the Public Religious beliefs Research Study Institute found 40% support for impeachment.So Congress isn’t cannot do exactly what the general public desires. It’s stopping working to do what not rather half of the public desires. More to the point, it’s stopping working to do what Tom Steyer…

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White Home Makes Press Reporters Offer Thanks Before Asking Briefing Questions– Talking Points Memo

White Home press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday told reporters that before they could ask her a question, they would need to note things for which they are grateful. “This will be our last press rundown prior to the Thanksgiving vacation in this room,” Sanders stated at the start of the everyday briefing. “So I want to share a few things that I’m grateful for and I think it would be good for you guys to do so as well prior to asking your questions.” Sanders stated it is “no trick” that she is “plainly extremely glad” for…

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