WATCH: Steve Hayes explains the absurdity of CFPB lawsuit, but also says Trump should SHUT DOWN the rogue agency – The Right Scoop

There’s a suit developing in Washington over Trump’s visit of Mick Mulvaney as the interim head of the rogue Obama firm referred to as the Consumer Financial Security Bureau. Here’s the lowdown: In short, the company head, Richard Cordray resigned last week and mentioned that deputy director Leandra English was to head the firm in the interim. Trump disagreed and selected Mulvaney as the interim head of the CFPB, claiming Cordray does not have the authority to make that appointment. English is now filing a claim claiming Trump does not have the authority to select somebody in Cordray’s location,…

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Trump awkwardly tweeted that Melania ‘loves what she is doing.’ People proved otherwise.

On Monday, Vanity Fair published a profile on the enigmatic FLOTUS’s East Wing, highlighting her supposed hesitance to leap in and get the job done. I first heard of the post since Melania’s representative put out a declaration slamming it, which I make certain is exactly what they were opting for. — Kate Bennett (@KateBennett_DC) November 27, 2017 Donald chose to chime in on the report that his spouse didn’t wish to be Very first Girl “come hell or high water” by discussing how vulnerable his ego is. Melania, our fantastic and really effort Initially Woman, who genuinely likes…

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Access Hollywood tape ‘not authentic, Trump informed assistants’

Donald Trump has reportedly told aides the now famous tape which caught him boasting about women’s genitalia is not an authentic recording.  Last year, the President of the United States acknowledged it was him apologized for his actions in the hours after it surfaced in October 2016, but now he appears to be throwing it on the ever-growing pile of what he considers fake news. Trump’s links to accusations of sexual assault have been thrust back into the spotlight as pressure mounts on him to distance himself from Senate candidate Roy Moore.  Moore, who is now 70, was recently…

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Is Melania Trump’s White House Christmas aesthetic angelic or horrific?

Depending on your social networks platform of choice– and whom you follow on it– Melania Trump’s November 27 reveal of this year’s White House Christmas decorations was either a wonderful peek of a stunning winter wonderland or a nightmare pulled right out of a horror movie. And those opposite reactions to Trump’s attempts to deck the governmental halls show just how divergent the stories around the first girl have become.Melania Trump’s Christmas visual is either a horror program or a beautiful ode to “standard worths” First, there were the ballerinas. A event that was caught by Reuters the very…

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Jared and Ivanka choose not to leave DC– no matter how much White Home officials desire them to

Jared and Ivanka refuse to leave DC — no matter how much White House officials want them to Newsweek26 Nov 2017 at 18:46 ET           Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, photo by North Charleston from North Charleston, SC, United States (Boeing 787-10 rollout with President Trump) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons President Donald Trump might not be getting rid of his eldest daughter and son-in-law anytime soon. … that the couple might move back to NewYork after drawing too much scrutiny in D.C. “We’re here to stay. At the current moment, we’re charging forward,” Kushner told The Washington…

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Kid Visiting WH Says Something About Melania That Would NEVER Be Said About MO .

Kids really do say the darndest things. The Media (D) that were present didn’t expect them to say THIS about the First Lady… You know they would NEVER have said the same about Michelle Obama. It probably wouldn’t have even occurred to them. It looks like these schoolchildren have locked in their vote, and it isn’t for MO. A number of schoolchildren were greeted by the First Lady at the White House for a Christmas event. The children were awestruck as the gorgeous First Lady entered in a simple, off-white Christian Dior dress with a thin gold belt and…

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