White House Watch: Trump Sides with Pelosi and Schumer Against Congressional Republicans

Almost a month ago, it appeared Donald Trump might be setting himself as much as leave the Republican celebration. His departure might either be official or de facto, however the signs were beginning to suggest that Trump, who has no genuine ties to the GOP facility or its infrastructure, was putting distance between himself and Republican leadership on the Hill. The failure of Obamacare repeal, the persistence of the filibuster, the worsening of relations with Russia– these were all the fault of Republicans in Congress. The likelihood of a departure seems to have gone up Wednesday. In an Oval…

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Fox News Simply Gave Sean Spicer Awful News About His Post-Trump Profession

Ordinarily, being a previous White House Press Secretary is not a bad location to be. Sean Spicer’s period, however, was anything however ordinary.Camera all set political experts, governmental spokespeople are natural picks to become cable television news experts. President Obama’s 3 press secretaries were all quickly snatched up by networks– Robert Gibbs and Josh Earnest signed financially rewarding contracts with MSNBC while Jay Carney went to CNN.On the opposite of the political divide, Fox News has constantly presented the welcome mat, hiring George W. Bush spokespeople Ari Fleischer and Dana Perino, while the late Tony Snow worked for Fox…

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