Hillary Clinton Blames Angry Voters for Defeat; Require ‘Sacred Resistance’ Versus Trump

New York City CITY– Hillary Clinton, in an event discussing her faith at a Manhattan Church Thursday night, partly blamed angry citizens for her defeat and called for “spiritual resistance” against President Trump.The event, ” An Evening with Hillary Clinton to Benefit Camp Olmsted,” was a charity event for the kids’s camp, throughout which Clinton was going to discuss her faith with her pastor, Costs Shillady, who in turn was expected to discuss his brand-new book, Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Days before the event, the publisher tugged the book and…

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Madonna Recalls AIDS Crisis As Trump Advocates Bash Her On Twitter

Madonna is on the cover of People this week. In the magazine, she talks about her kids, her philanthropy, and recalls remaining in the middle of the AIDS crisis during the 1980s at a time when even the president of the United States would not even assist. “When the AIDS epidemic first came to New York and I was residing on the Lower East Side, my friend was HIV-positive,” Madonna says, adding that she went to St. Vincent’s Health center to see her HIV-positive friend and might smell death all over the AIDS ward.Madonna says she felt a sense…

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Democrats Wish Hillary Clinton would ‘STFU and just go away’

Democrats Desire Hillary Clinton would ‘STFU and simply disappear’ Hillary Clinton continues her defend importance. Regrettably for her, the Clinton Era is over. She just chooses not to acknowledge it. Recently Chuck Schumer tossed Hillary Clinton under the bus, which wasn’t simple. First, she’s heavy. Second, the Clintons have actually flaunted their power for … Read More

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Bye-bye kittehz, hi doggos: Why did the web’s pet obsession take off in tandem with Trump’s rise?

Paw through the pundit-verse, and you’ll find that it is a reality universally acknowledged that cats rule the internet. “The web is one giant, virtual cat park,” Wired, Buzzfeed and Mashable have all composed takes verifying the same dictum.But in the previous year and a half, something extremely weird has happened: The web has actually gone to the dogs. I surveyed my colleagues and buddies on this, and all agreed– their social networks feeds were packed with even more dog memes than cat memes, as evinced by Twitter accounts like WeRateDogs(soon to be a book), the rise of”doggo “slang,…

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Fresno Republican Party Deals with Reaction For Inviting Sheriff Joe

FRESNO, Calif.– The Fresno County Republican politician Celebration in Fresno is facing reaction after scheduling Joe Arpaio, the previous Constable of Maricopa County in Arizona to their First Modification Barbecue. “We figured here is a person that represents veterans and law enforcement,” stated Fred Vanderhoof, Chairman Fresno Republican politician Celebration. Lots of democrats are upset he was selected since Arpaio was founded guilty of criminal contempt for a federal court order to cease traffic patrols that singled out … Read More

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