Trump Was So Pleased With Protection of Dem Financial obligation Deal He Called Pelosi and Schumer to Gush

After President Donald Trump sided with Congressional Democratic leaders on a short-term raise of the financial obligation ceiling and costs resolution, he received positive coverage from a few of the cable news citizens. And regardless of tossing Republican politicians under the bus and offering Democrats basically whatever they desired, Fox and Friends and Lou Dobbs praised Trump for cozying as much as House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. After enjoying some TV Thursday morning and feeling very pleased with exactly what he was hearing, Trump simply could not help himself. He simply had to…

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It’s a ‘great thing’ to handle Democrats, Trump now states

WASHINGTON (AP)– Frustrated with his own party’s leaders in Congress, President Donald Trump talked up his all of a sudden cozier relationship with Democrats on Thursday, raising the prospect of new deals on government costs as well as publishing among his tweets at their request. “I think that’s a great thing for our nation,” Trump said, describing his brand-new and “various relationship” with Democrats.In public, Republican leaders glossed over the striking turn of occasions, however legislators in both parties were privately confusing over how Trump’s method might impact the fate of the celebration’s program. And some conservatives freely slammed…

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Paul Ryan responds to Trump siding with Democrats

Speaker Paul Ryan on Thursday reacted to President Trump siding with Democratic leaders a day earlier on a proposal involving a short-term extension of the debt limit and a short-term spending bill. During an interview with The New York Times, congressional editor Jonathan Weisman pointed out that Mr. Trump agreed to the Democrats’ plan not long after Ryan called it “ridiculous” and “disgraceful.” “I sort of noticed that,” Ryan said Thursday. Asked how that happened, Ryan took a brief pause, “Ahhh…you know…um…,” and said that the president didn’t want to have a partisan fight amid the response to Hurricane…

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VANITY FAIR LEAVES MELANIA Off “BEST DRESSED” List … However Look Who Did Make The List * 100percentfedUp. com.

Right away following the election, a couple of leftist designers announced they wouldn’t deal with Melania Trump. Their choice to not offer their fashion developments to Melania hasn’t appeared to have actually had much of a result on her. Melania has brought beauty, class and most of all, design back to the White Home that we haven’t seen considering that the Read More

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iPhone 8: What to anticipate from Apple’s brand-new iPhone

Apple (AAPL) is expected to unveil its newest iPhones on Tuesday, leaving some consumers wondering exactly what to expect amid talk the new devices could represent a major step forward on last year’s model. For some, the first reaction may be sticker shock. The premium version of the iPhone 8, as consumers and pundits have taken to calling it, may carry a price tag that tops $1,000. That’s about 30 percent more than the priciest phone in Apple’s current lineup, the $769 iPhone 7 Plus. Yet analysts expect robust demand for the next iPhone, thanks partly to the many…

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