24-Hrs Before Hurricane Causes Mass Devastation, Look What Governor Just Took From EVERY Person ⋆ Flexibility Daily

Cyclone Irma is on a steady path of destruction to Florida, making a rampage through the tropics today on its way there. Homeowners in the danger zone aren’t just bracing themselves to lose much of their possessions, they’re likewise finding out that a Guv simply purposefully made matters worse for them by removing them of Read More

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The Ivanka Trump Guarantee

You ‘d believe that a passionate anti-wage-gap crusader like Ms. Trump would enjoy a broad, ever-expanding data set brightening her pet problem so that she could go after it with laser focus, but no. She is a lot more devoted than that. She dislikes the gender wage space a lot, she can’t even stand to understand anything about it. Some heroes use capelets.Real concern: Is anyone out there still awaiting Ivanka Trump to come through?When Donald Trump was chosen president last November, his senior child was represented as liberal America’s alleviation prize, like a Christmas present from an absentee…

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