Democrats’ Option: Block Pentagon Costs or Accept Border Wall

verify the amnesty– possibly in exchange for a year of wall financing. Trump’s globalist assistants likely would advise signing the amnesty legislation if it assists them gain a big tax-cut bill.Pro-American immigration reformers oppose any near-term DACA trade, stating Trump must concentrate on passing a thorough migration reform in 2018 or 2019 which would trim the inflow of low-skill workers, streamline enforcement procedures, enhance border defenses and require companies to omit illegals from job applications.Many surveys show that Americans are really generous, they do welcome individual immigrants, and they do wish to like the idea of immigration. But the…

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Insiders Just Revealed Republican Plan to Hold Children’s Healthcare Hostage For Tax Cuts

Congress will be back in session next week after the long August recess, and their plate is already complete with ‘need to pass’ legislation. Atop the list of expenses requiring their instant attention is the Children’s Medical insurance Program, or CHIP, a popular Clinton-era program that subsidizes over 8 million kids from low-income families with household profits that prevent them from receiving Medicaid.Federal funding for CHIP ends on September 30th of this year, and it needs to be restored by congress before that due date. Generally, CHIP renewal is a simple bi-partisan slam-dunk, practically a rule amongst congressmen who…

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Trump Disregards Mexico’s Offer To Assist Texas

President Trump has never had anything good to say about Mexico. Before he was even president, he developed a plan to construct a giant border wall, claiming that Mexico would be bearing the cost. Last week, during a notorious Twitter rampage, Trump called Mexico “one of the highest criminal offense countries in the world,” claiming yet … Continued Read More

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