Trump to Announce Foxconn Plant Opening In Wisconsin

President Donald Trump will announce Wednesday that Apple-supplier Foxconn Technology Group will open a brand-new factory in Wisconsin.The Taiwan-based electronic devices producer was one of the first companies to announce a strategy to invest billions to produce tasks in America following the Trump’s election. The business stated it planned to invest billions in U.S. manufacturing simply one month after Trump was elected.News of that the plant would be based in Wisconsin was first reported by CNBC’s Scott Cohn. It has actually been confirmed by a number of media reports, including Breitbart News.The president is anticipated to be accompanied by…

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Trump Kicks Transgender Persons Out Of The Military And Becomes The Most Despised President Ever

Trump revealed on Wednesday early morning that transgender people would no longer be enabled to serve in the military. With one swoop, Trump went extremely versus popular opinion and solidified his location as the most out of touch and abhored president in history.After assessment with my Generals and military specialists, please be recommended that the United States Federal government will not accept or permit … … Transgender people to serve in any capacity in the U.S. Military. Our military need to be concentrated on definitive and overwhelming … … victory and can not be strained with the tremendous medical…

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I despise Jeff Sessions. Trump still shouldn’t fire him over Russia.

ADVERTISEMENT Compassion for Jeff Sessions is not an emotion I ever expected to feel.After all, the attorney general of the United States went from being a< a href = > uniquely awful politician– identified for such ignoble achievements as losing a visit to a federal judgeship following allegations of racist remarks in the work environment, typically opposing both legal immigrationand fundamental civil liberties at every possible turn, and continuously supporting legislation based upon long-debunked drug war folklore– to an uniquely awful Cabinet member.In the less than half a calendar year he’s been attorney general of the United States ,…

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Sanders welcomes cameras back to the White House briefing with a strategic monologue and letter from ‘Dylan’

as I wrote Monday, putting the briefings back on television is a smart relocation by the White House. The first six minutes of Wednesday’s rundown were a paid announcement for the president, brought live on every cable television news channel.What’s more, the White Home and its allies can indicate journalists ‘reactions, like the ones above, and perpetuate the idea that the media has lots of Trump-hating cynics. Sean Hannity’s next monologue practically composes itself: Why do not these alt-left, destroy-Trump hacks love kids and mothers and America?When she did take concerns, Sanders quickly lacked patience for questions about Trump’s…

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Donald Trump announces U.S. military will not allow transgender people to serve

Service President Donald Trump speaks throughout a joint news conference with Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri.Image: AP/REX/Shutterstock ByNicole Gallucci 2017-07-26 13:16:07 UTC On Wednesday morning President Trump fired off a bombshell of a tweet, leaving the world in suspense for a few agonizing moments as he prepped for an announcement.Trump discussed after seeking advice from with his”Generals and military experts “the United States Federal government” would decline or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the United States Military.”Judging from his second tweet it appears the president has not yet finished his thought and will share more…

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