Trump Blames “Can’t Win” Democrats For Blocking Nominations, But Hasn’t Named Anyone To 384 Jobs

Trump Blames” Cannot Win”Democrats For Blocking Elections, However Hasn’t Named Anyone To 384 Jobs President Donald Trump when again on Tuesday blamed Democrats in the Senate for the sluggish pace of verification of his candidates, implicating the minority celebration of participating in obstruction although its votes are not required in order for the president’s picks for crucial government tasks to win approval. “The Senate Democrats have actually just confirmed 48 of 197 Governmental Candidates. They cannot win so all they do is sluggish things down & & block!” Trump composed on Twitter Tuesday morning.According to a database preserved by…

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Is Donald Trump, Jr., Taking the Fall for the White House?

It appears like Alan Futerfas, the criminal-defense legal representative whom Donald Trump, Jr., worked with on Monday, is going to be busy. Following Trump, Jr.,’s choice on Tuesday to launch a series of bombshell e-mails about his conference with a well-connected Russian legal representative, the White Home– including President Trump– appeared material to let him be the fall guy for the entire occurrence. In truth, the events of the day made it impossible to dismiss that Trump, Jr., was voluntarily presuming this role.The e-mails, the majority of which were messages in between Trump, Jr., and Rob Goldstone, a British…

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Republican President: Trump Qualified Because He’s President

Mike Lee: senator, Republican, Constitutional scholar, tautologist.Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images Donald Trump’s behavior in office — the hours of binge-watching television, the spouting of nonsense — have failed to reassure those of us who have felt concerned that a manifestly ignorant grifter and reality-television entertainer is not qualified to serve as president. Senator Mike Lee has an irrefutable, though perhaps not persuasive, rebuttal to the doubters. Donald Trump is qualified to be president of the United States, Lee tells Edward-Isaac Dovere, because he is president of the United States: “I don’t think [the Founders] would look at that and…

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